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You probably know by now that a great final master of your tracks involves...

1. A great mix - This involves good quality writing, recording, mixing and other aspects of music production.

2. High quality mastering - This includes an experienced engineer who works with professional mastering gear in an environment fine-tuned for critical listening.

So, with this in mind we've decided to offer you...

Online Mastering2

Here's how it works...

You get ready for us: We provide you with new articles and resources right here on this website to help you get the best possible recordings and mixes.

We're ready for you: We offer you an affordable, professional online service which focuses on three things...

1. Communication - We're ready to take your call at any time during the process. We believe a great final result depends on open channels of communication between you and the engineer.

2. Service - We want to impress you every step of the way. How else will we make you love us? We also ensure every aspect of the process is simple and secure. The way it should be.

3. Results - You get your tracks finished to a world-class standard on our best-of-breed equipment. We'll make your music ready for radio, television, the clubs, the Web and mobile music applications.

So, we invite you to dig in to the articles and resources right now. Oh, and please do keep us in mind when you want your tracks polished to a high sheen before release!

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